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Welcome to JamesNetwork

We have been making web shows and shorts since September 2014 and enjoy each moment of it. We have made several shows including JN FreeForm, Sidekicks and Xenoblade Chronicles Abridged. We hope you continue to watch JamesNetwork as we continue to make new content!

Current Shows


Mondays: Sidekicks 

Three best friends that are nerds! Watch as their teenage adventures unfold!


Tuesdays: Trump, It's All About Me

Watch Trump as he goes through his daily routine as president.


Wednesday: JN's FreeForm

JamesNetwork's version of SNL. Each episode a diffrent hosts leads structured improv sketches!


Thursday: Xenoblade Chronicles Abridged

Premieres April 5!

Based off the game from 2012, watch the now comedic adventures of Shulk and co. on their adventure to defeat the Mechon!


Friday: JN's Broadway Vlogs

Season finale March 30

James and Zach will take you through their expericnces at Broadway shows! You will see the theatre, their opinions and sometimes interviews with the stars!

Cast for Shows

STARRING: Zach Johnson as Lucas Lanison, James David as Jake Hutson, Chris Daze as Simon Johnson

FEATURING: Irini Ryan as Lucy Lanison, JW Lee as Himself, David Dameron as Muffin Man/Ernie 'Pat' Stevens, Joe Hommie as Apaaaco and Liam Sporo as Gerard

GUEST STARS: Zach Sodapop as Tommy, Matthew Orton as Alfranzo Vindixen and Mary Conroy as Nicki Johnson and Astrid Taylor as Claire

David Dameron as Narrator, Vangarre and random voices
James David as Shulk, XORD and random voices
Chris Daze as Reyn, Galdot and random voices

Amanda Capulet as Fiora 
Charlotte Fantasy as Sharla
Joe Hommie as Dunban
JW Lee as Dickson and random voices
Liam Sporo as JuJu and random voices
Matthew Orton as Metal Face
David Alan as Otharon
Nate Ploof as Alvis and random vocies
Tobias Senior as random voices

David Dameron as Narrator and Voice
James David as Shulk, Sorean, Dunga, Lorithia, Zanza and Others
Chris Daze as Reyn, Alvis and Others

Zach Johnson as Riki and Tyrea
Lily Claire as Melia
Irini Ryan as Yumea, Vanea, Sharla and Others
Joe Homie as Dunban
Matthew Orton as Metal Face
Jared Curtis as Kallian
Jordan Cody Brandon as Egil

STARRING: Liam Sporo as Gerard, Julian Bean as Max and Taylor Green as August

FEATURING: Chris Daze as Liam and James David as Vladmir

SEASONS 1 AND 2: Chris Daze, Tobias Senior, Joe Hommie, JW Lee, Zach Johnson, Matthew Orton, Jordan Cody Brandon, JP Allanson and Morgan Hunter

SEASON 3 (Spring 2018): Astrid Taylor, Sam Chase, David Dameron, Zach Johnson, Chris Daze and more...


6 Shows, new episodes!

From February to June, JamesNetwork will being airing six new seasons of shows including Sidekicks, JN's FreeForm, Xenoblade Chronicles Abridged, Trump, It's All About Me, JN's Broadway Vlogs & In Ten Words or Less!  We hope you enjoy these new seasons and series! Stayed up to date with air dates and more on our Facebook!